Hello, welcome to my small shop! I’m Mickayla, owner of Three Doods Danas. I am a graduate student with a love for animals and creativity. I originally started this as a way to deal with my stress from final exams during quarantine. I loved the way the 'danas looked on my doods and decided to combine my love of creativity and animals and bring trendy and cute products to you and your fur babies.


Sage is my fur baby. She is the newest Dood to be added to the family. She is a Yellow Mini-Labradoodle. Sage is a goofy girl and always has the biggest smile on her face. She loves to be outside and go on walkies.


Maggie is a Black Labradoodle and the one who started us all on our love of Doodles.She loves to play fetch with a ball and will play for hours.She also doesn't realize her size and thinks she is a lap dog.


Misty is a Blue Merle Aussiedoodle.Misty thinks she is the leader of the pack and doesn't let the others forget it but she can be a real cuddlebug when she wants to be.